Our 2017 Gala supports these three organizations:

“No two cancers are alike, just as no two people are alike.” Medische Centrum Haaglanden, in conjunction with the Center for Personalized Cancer Treatment (CPCT) will seek to transform cancer therapy by “using advanced technological tools to predict who will respond to a specific cancer treatment.”

CPCT is a center utilizing new technologies to analyze DNA. These ground breaking techniques can pinpoint the origin of cancer and any changes in DNA that are responsible for the growth of cancer cells. This allows doctors to choose the best treatment for each person as an individual rather than generic chemotherapy treatments.
The American Women’s Club (AWC) The Hague is spearheading a campaign to raise funds to enable Medische Centrum Haaglanden to join the CPCT network. Ultimately, through cutting edge targeted therapies, this will benefit residents of The Hague, improving the odds in their battle with cancer.

Please join the AWC in supporting Medische Centrum Haaglanden in conjunction with CPCT’s research agenda, which brings together hospitals throughout the Netherlands and the world to build a solid scientific foundation for this new era of treatment. Let us help the ones we love win the battle against cancer.
~ quotes from UC San Diego Health website ~

What would you be prepared to do, to help protect a child from sexual abuse?
Education will give her back her life, her dignity. ~ Help us save a child.

Based in the Netherlands, Stichting SPOSA Child (Save and Protect our Sexually Abused child) was established in 2010 as an independent, small- scale, non-profit charity foundation. Their mission is rehabilitation and healing of sexually and physically abused children, through the gift of education on the island of Negros in the Philippines. The 2017 Red White & Blue Gala will support SPOSA’s efforts to provide a complete education through sustained funding from a scholarship program for girls. The SPOSA CHILD Educational Scholarship Fund covers costs such as uniforms, books and other school materials, physical education, transport to/from school, meals, and reintegration counseling. AWC The Hague member, Marilyn Tinsay, serves as Chairperson of SPOSA Child.

Working with families and the community, Stahili uses education as a tool to end exploitation, keep children together, and break the cycle of poverty. While most children that Stahili supports have either endured years of abuse and exploitation in an orphanage or have faced other vulnerabilities, they have loving relatives or members of the community who want to care for them, but cannot due to severe poverty. Stahili empowers the children’s guardians and allows them to give the children a life they deserve. Stahili monitors their well-being and provides them with:

• Protection from exploitation, and abuse.
• Education through post-secondary school.
• Access to medical and psychosocial support.
• Food, clothing, and hygiene needs.
• Shelter.
• Encouragement and Mentorship.

Stahili currently supports children from the ages of 5 through 24, and is advancing an additional number of students to high school. Your support of the 2017 Red White & Blue Gala will help fund these goals. Michelle Oliel, AWC The Hague member, is Co-Founder of the Stahili Foundation.