About Us: AWC of The Hague

The History of the Club:

The AWC of The Hague was formed in 1930. A group of American women had been meeting socially when they decided to organize in a more formal way. Luncheon invitations were sent to American women living in The Hague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and surrounding areas. As a result the AWC of The Hague was started with 55 charter members. They held monthly meetings, teas and programs, including an annual Thanksgiving dinner at the Hotel Des Indes. At the first of these dinners Judge and Mrs. Frank Billings Kellogg were notified that he had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of the Kellogg-Briand Peace Pact of 1928, which condemned war and promoted peaceful settlement of international differences.

In 1931 the AWC of The Hague was one of the founding member clubs of FAWCO (Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas), part of whose mission statement is “to contribute actively to the global community with a specific focus on education, the natural and human environment, multicultural understanding and international goodwill.”

In 1932, Queen Wilhelmina opened an AWC Bazaar that was held for the benefit of a hospital in The Hague. Other funds raised over the years were donated to the Sophia Institute in Scheveningen for children with tuberculosis, the Juliana Children’s Hospital, Bronovo Hospital, various breast cancer organizations and more.

Since our founding, we have continually found ways to contribute to both international and local charities.

Through the years the club has grown, but at its heart it remains a group of female friends who encourage, support, and entertain each other in the Netherlands while contributing to our local community and making a difference.

To Serve and Support:

The AWC of The Hague, an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization, is a founding member of FAWCO, the Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas. FAWCO, with over 17,000 members, is a United Nations NGO (Non-Governmental Organization). The AWC of The Hague serves as a supporting network for American and international english-speaking women, living and working in the Netherlands. In addition, it helps members integrate into the local community and make a difference through volunteerism.

Between 2002 – 2008 our Club organized the AWC Pink Ribbon Galas and donated more than €1,000,000 to support breast cancer awareness and research in the Netherlands. In 2001, 2012, and 2014 our Hearts & Minds Galas raised more than €164,000 for local autism organizations. The tradition of giving back has been a primary focus for our organization since its inception. We continue to touch and improve lives in our community and around the world.